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Looking for machinery moving companies? Kent Machine Service began trading with our first vehicle in 1980. Over the past 26 years we have gained much experience in the field of machine moving in Europe and the World.

Machine Movers

Our equipment, vehicles, and experienced operatives enable us to work to high standards of quality, safety, and reliability.

No two jobs are the same, so we assess each one on its individual merits, and we treat all our clients and their property, however big or small, with the utmost care and respect.

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Machinery movers, Strong participants in the action
There is nothing worth to say that machinery movers play a significant role in any kind of organization who wish to change their location from one place to another. Tasks like these are quite common in European countries and there are large numbers of experts who help needy people in fields like commercial, factories and so on.

Machine moving is one of the most difficult tasks and this is mainly because it needs a lot of care to handle the machines which are expensive and any trouble during the task can cause high injuries as well to the participants. Sooner or later every organization needs the help of a machine moving company.

These companies aren't just helping the businesses to change location from one place to another but also allow them to expand the services offered by them in several areas.

In Europe, Kent and Essex are the two major places where there are large numbers of companies who specialize in tasks like this. The overall numbers of companies of Machine moving Kent are known for offering the best services. On the other hand the overall number of companies of machine moving Essex has been known for offering services at a glance and at a very less price.

For what purpose you can hire them
As the name itself indicates that machine movers are the professionals in moving complete machinery setups, large size furniture as well as factory plants from a specific location to another. They are not hired by business owners only, but large numbers of individuals also hire them for relocating their private machines JCB etc. They also offer services in transporting, uploading and downloading and if it needs, assembling of machines as well. Some of the other tasks for which machine moving companies in Kent and Essex can be hired are as following.
  • Removing of equipments that are broken or not in use
  • Assembling and reassembling of heavy machines
  • Removing and joining pipes of different machines and equipment
  • Installation of escalators, structures of steel and walkways
This is one of the leading reasons that why the Kent machine moving companies are so famous and widely appreciated by several business owners.

What to look for while hiring a company
Basically the machine moving into Kent and Essex area, best but still you have to look which vehicles and loading equipment they are using and more especially you have to consider how safely they perform the task without damaging your machines and equipments. They must have the following vehicles and equipments
  • Forklift trucks
  • Mobile cranes
  • Machine holders
  • Fire and security alarms
  • Equipments for dehumidification
Moving machines from one place to another is such a task that needs great skills and the company supervising the task bears great responsibility. Though it is the duty of the service provider, but must also make it sure that your machines are analyzed before the moving process actually begins.

Itís not always necessary that a company charges you same amount all the time but it highly depends upon your machines size, and time needed to complete the entire task.

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