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Looking for machinery moving companies? Kent Machine Service began trading with our first vehicle in 1980. Over the past 26 years we have gained much experience in the field of machine moving in Europe and the World.
Our equipment, vehicles, and experienced operatives enable us to work to high standards of quality, safety, and reliability.

No two jobs are the same, so we assess each one on its individual merits, and we treat all our clients and their property, however big or small, with the utmost care and respect.

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Not an easy task it is!

Machine moving companies play a very vital role in all business sectors for relocating machines of all sizes from one premise to the other. They are largely used by factories, industries, airports, shopping malls and hospitals. They can be an ideal solution if you want to relocate your business premises from one location to another. They are not limited to heavy industries but also to small commercial retail businesses too.

Without machine moving providers it would be a herculean task to move one heavy machine from one place to another with any damage or loss of any vital part of the machine. The job of Machine moving providers is not limited only moving the machines from one place to another but the professionals are trained in dismantling various machines, packing each component of machine separately and moving them with maximum care to the new location and later installing them in the given location. If the machine and its components are to be shipped to a faraway location they are stored at secured warehouses that are suitable for the machines. Most of the machine moving companies have warehouses that are well equipped with fire alarm, heating equipments, dehumidifier and electronic intruder system. A lot of care and attention is provided to the machine in the entire process. Machine moving providers at Kent are some of the best in the industry.

They follow the latest techniques of dismantling and installation and have some state of art warehouses for the storage of machines if need be. The professional are well trained and have great knowledge in various parts of heavy and light machines. Machine moving providers at Essex specialize in both heavy industry as well as small scale industry machine moving. They are one of the best machine movers in United Kingdom today. Before taking up the job for machine moving, professionals from these providers do an assessment of the places where the dismantalation and installation process for the machines are going to be done. This gives them an insight of the possible challenges they would be facing in the process. A proper plan is laid out along with necessary equipments and manpower is allotted. Proper audit of the machines is done to avoid any unpleasant situations during installation of the machines. Maintenance and damage report of the machines are also considered in the process. If any problem is anticipated due to poor maintenance it has to brought to the attention of the client. An estimate is provided for the cost involved for the entire process. Once the client approves upon the terms and conditions and also the coated price, a day is fixed to start the machine moving process.

Machine moving is a job of high responsibility and care. Here we are dealing with machines that costs a fortune hence care and alertness is required while performing duties like installing and dismantling. Knowledge of the machines is the key to perfect installation, care and dismantalation. Hence if you are looking for a machine moving providers for your factory make sure you do a proper research on the service provider as it involves more than just moving.

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